Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Firefox 4.0 is here!

Firefox released a new version of their popular web browser just a few days a go. The new Firefox 4.0 contains a number of improvements but here are three which excited me the most


Amongst other speed improvement, Firefox now has the new J├ĄgerMonkey JavaScript engine which allows it to load JavaScript code much faster than ever before. These speed improvements have enabled Firefox 4.0 to lads pages over 6 times faster than the older Firefox 3.6 which is a welcome improvement since speed has never been one of Firefox's specialities.


Firfox now features Crashprotection technology which enables the browser to continue running seamlessly when a a plug-in crashes.

Apart from the Crash Protection, A whole host of minor tweaks have been made such as making new tabs open up faster opening Firefox faster than before.

3D functionality

The built in Web GL feature enables 3D functionality which allows 3D content to be created and viewed on the Firefox browser. Although 3D content is quite rare on the Internet, it is defintly a feature which is going to be explored further in the future which is why it is good that Firefox has supported it early.

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