Friday, 20 May 2011

Guest Post: Benefit From The Latest Technology And Systems Integration

The modern business world is becoming ever more reliant on effective communication with many new channels of communication becoming essential to business operations. In the past decade communications have been revolutionised with the continued development of the internet network and its associated means of communication. In recent years many company’s approach to business telephone systems has been entirely rethought with the development of voice over IP and other related technologies. To remain at the forefront of a particular market it is essential that businesses continue to develop alongside these new technologies.

In recent years the options for business communications have increased exponentially with innovations such as voice over IP, email, conferencing, video messaging and instant messaging. However, so many channels of communication can bring about complexities for businesses who may struggle to manage such a diverse range of communications. The use of unified communications can simplify business communications substantially and bring all means of communication under a single user interface. Such simplification can increase employee productivity considerably and ensure that time wastage is kept to a minimum when managing various communications.

By encompassing all of these channels of communication under a single user interface communications with multiple contacts can be easily managed. Users can choose from a variety of options when contacting an individual according to the situation, the time of day or even the contact’s personal preference. Moreover, unified communications simplify hardware requirements as all contact is conducted through a single computer based interface with a connection to a broadband internet network. This not only significantly simplifies a company’s hardware requirements but it will also substantially reduce acquisition and maintenance costs.

Moreover, the use of voice over IP introduces numerous varied benefits to the business in question. With an integrated interface users can include additional communication components either at the beginning of a voice or during the voice call. Additional components may include email, conferencing, video messaging, instant messaging or event file sharing, all of which enhance the flexibility and versatility of such business telephone systems. Furthermore, when considering making a voice call the user can view the status of the contact whom they are thinking of calling. The status will readily display whether the contact is available to communicate or if they are offline or busy. Thus, employee time wastage and frustration are greatly reduced and productivity and job satisfaction are increased.

The integration of a wide variety of methods of communication under a single user interface which requires the same hardware and the same service provider has countless benefits. By doing so, business can enhance the communications capability of the company while also improving its versatility and flexibility. Moreover, the implementing of unified communications can also deliver significant cost savings on business communications. With lower overhead costs, maintenance costs and acquisition costs, as well as reduced call charges business can reduce their communications outgoings considerably. Therefore, almost every aspect of a company can benefit from the integration of communications.

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