Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Top 5 Chrome Extensions

One of the big benefits of using Google chrome is that you can customise the browser and make it your own adding extra extensions to it. Adding your extension is easy, simply download the extension using your Google Chrome browser, press continue button on the bottom left of the browser and then press install on the window that appears. That wasn’t hard was it. There are hundreds of extensions out there but here are my top 5:

1. Ibrii 

Ibrii easily allows text, audio and video to be extracted using a drag and drop method from a webpage and shared to your favourite socialising sites such as Facebook and twitter.

2. FlashBlock

This extension can automatically block Flash content on a website which can mean less of those annoying adverts. In addition to this, FlashBlock claims to free resources lowering memory usage and reducing cpu cycles which means you should see a small increase in your computers performance.

3. IE tab classic

Like Google Chrome but miss the Internet Explorer interface? Well now you can have the best of both worlds. IE tab classic lets you run Internet explorer in Google Chrome.

4. Mozbar

That’s right SEOmoz have now made their popular SEO tool available to Google Chrome as well as Firefox now. The Mozbar shows various details about a website such as the Page Authority, Domain Authority, mozRank, mozTrust, Domain mozRank, Domain mozTrust. For those who are not familiar with Search engine optimisation, this basically tells you how attractive this website is to search engines.

5. Weather underground

This nice little extension shows the weather in your area as well as some other information like humidity as well as when the sun will set or rise. Granted if I really wanted to know what the weather was like I would just look out of my window but it’s still a nice feature to have

Well these are my top 5, what are your favourite Chrome extensions?

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