Monday, 31 October 2011

Kindle Wireless Reading Devices – The Future of Reading is Now

People who enjoy reading books and magazines are often found at the book stores, sure they can order books online and wait for them to arrive but there's something different when you stand in front of a huge book shelf at the store, holding the book in your hands and flipping pages, some kind of feeling you fall in-love into. But this is the old way of reading books and more and more people from all over the world are discovering each day the benefits of wireless reading devices, especially when it comes to the Kindle devices.

The most popular and sold Kindle device to date is the Kindle 3G which is a wireless reading device that changes the need for actual books and with this device my friends, the future of reading is here and now and everyone can start enjoying it, no wonder it's Amazon's best-selling product to date. Now before you press the back button thinking to yourself you don't need to buy Kindle devices and you're doing just fine with reading your books the old fashioned way, here are some features you may want to know about the reader because maybe then you just might change your mind like most people do.

All Your Books in a Single Reader
Look at the book shelf in your home, compare it to the huge book shelves at the store and now forget them both. All your reading material can now be stored in one small reading device and that's a fact. The Kindle 3G can store up to 3,500 actual books and magazines in it. 3,500!!! That's more than you have at home and more than enough to entertain you anywhere you are for a long period of time, but that's not all…

Get Any Book Any Time
The Kindle 3G comes with a Wi-Fi connection and a free 3G and that means you can also download any book you wish anywhere in the world and it only takes 60 seconds. Want a new book or a specific magazine? No problem, simply download at no matter what time it is, where you are at or if there's a book store near you since you don't need it anymore…read any book you want at the spot in 60 seconds.

No More Carrying Books
With up to 3,500 books and magazines with you at any given moment in a device that weights only 8.7 ounces the future is really here. No more carrying books because now you can have them all in one small, thin and very light device you won't even feel and that means you can take all the books you want to the beach, on a vacation and wherever you please.

These are only a few interesting features and benefits of the Kindle 3G reading device and if you think about it and know you can have any book you want any time, any place that's a huge advantage…right?
That's the future of reading my friends, it is here, it is now and soon there will be more Kindle devices like the Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire tablet, but the choice how you prefer to read these days is still and always will be yours to make. 

Friday, 28 October 2011

Corrupt system? Live CDs Can Find Your Data Again

It has happened to many of us, you are working putting together some important work on your computer for an important project and suddenly the dreaded happens, your operating system crashes. All that data seems to be erased, the computer refuses to boot up, and you begin to question how you are going to meet the tough deadline you were working towards.

Fortunately, you can undertake a data recovery yourself quickly and relatively easily with free tools available online. As it is unlikely your files gone, that deadline is looking much more achievable.

Firstly, let’s look into what’s happened in this situation. Your computer’s operation system is the software that makes everything on your computer tick. It is the foundation for all of your programs, converts your keystrokes into letters, and processes complex data into the images you see on your screen. A computer’s operating system can be corrupted in various ways, ranging from hardware failures to viruses. When this happens the operating system often loses the ability to read data off your hard drive, even though the data is still physically there and available. To recover your data you need to access the hard drive by another means. Live CDs are a reliable and popular way to do this.

A Live CD is an operating system that rather than residing inside a computer on a hard drive, lives on external media like a CD disc. Generally, the Live CDs contain a version of Linux, a free open source operating system that has been branched out into a range of distributions with varying focuses and features. Ubuntu is the most popular, feature-rich and easy to use Linux distribution, offering a range of options to create a Live CD to access your lost files. Ubuntu includes various data recovery tools, as well as the standard software such as web browsers and word processors.

Fortunately, making a Live CD or USB with Ubuntu is easy. They’ll walk you through the process on their download page with instructions for all major operating systems. Once you’ve installed Ubuntu onto a CD or USB, you then must boot off that device to start data recovery. Often your computer will tell you which key to press to boot off a CD as it tries to start up.

Once your live version of Ubuntu has launched you will be able to go into the file manager and access your hard drive. Simply copy the files you want to recover to a USB stick or external hard drive and you’re good to start work again. Your data disaster has been averted with this simple do-it-yourself data recovery option.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Your Connected World, From Home to Car to Office

Technology. There is so much of it for every aspect of our lives. Endless possibilities. Thousands of choices. And yet, there are so many areas that haven’t even been touched with so much more to be expanded. From that new phone in your pocket to the new gadget in your living room and across to the technology in the car you drive, you are given so many options to add the latest to your connected world.

Gadgets. Oh yes, gadgets. Little devices of technology that make up most people’s lives. Smartphones, portable music players, internet-connectable tablets, portable gaming devices. We love gadgets.

Most may agree that the most popular devices out there start with the letter ‘i’. How many of your friends or family members have an iPhone, an iPad, or an iPod (of any variety)? How many have one of each? How many do you have? Again, we love gadgets. The technology of the ‘i’ has given us a much wider range of connectivity that we may not have had before.

Email. Movies. Business. Banking. Directions. Books. Travel. Social. More. And more.
All on one device. Just one. No need to go from one device to another. You don’t need that phone for calls, that laptop for internet, that travel agent for booking or that theater for the latest movies. Find it all at the click of a button. What’s more, these devices not only connect you to your own world, but connect to each other. Your office is a click away. Your family one video call away.

Portability is key when most of us are on the go. Always. Do we sleep? Maybe if we have time. That means portability and connectivity are the two most important commodities on the gadget market today. But your portable devices aren’t the only way to stay connected. Even vehicles are keeping you connected nowadays. Let’s take the Nissan Leaf for example. Now, aside from the amazing zero-transmissions-no-tailpipe-as-high-as-100-miles-per-gallon-and-all-under-$30,000-after-the-federal-tax-credit Leaf technology, it’s also what is stocked in the Leaf that has shoppers who normally look for used Nissan NY vehicles thinking about buying a brand-new Nissan instead.

HomeLink is a wireless control system that is built into the Leaf that connects you to tasks like opening the garage door or estate/community gates; unlocking entry doors at home; lighting the home and office; and all from the comfort of your Leaf BEFORE you get out.

Never mind other features like a Bluetooth hands-free phone system, a navigation system or Nissan’s CARWING that connects the LEAF to its charging condition and other statuses.

So, how are you connected? Does your phone talk to you? Does your car deliver options that have yet to be seen before? Can your living room rival the local movie theater? Whatever you have, want or are
getting, technology is in everything we do. Our connected world is made simpler as we add more and more to our lives.

What’s next a flying car? Maybe not. But GM is working on a self-driving car…but that’s another story.

Author BioMiscelleana Rhinehart has been writing for more than four years with her experience hitting a wide range of topics. Ms. Rhinehart has written for newspapers such as the Long Beach Business Journal, magazines such as the Destinations Magazine and the Ultimate Athlete Magazine, and automotive blog sites such as MI Auto Times and the Atlantic Toyota and Huntington Blog. Holding a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and two minors in Business, Ms. Rhinehart enjoys writing about any subject, topic or information. Currently, she writes for Nexteppe, a marketing and SEO company helping dealerships sell through the use of social media and web design.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Top 5 Car Technologies that People Must Have

If it was 15 years ago and I told you that vehicles would have GPS navigation, cameras and sensors to avoid collision, you would have called me a nutcase. But here we are in the year 2011 with more than just that. We have many pieces of technology that you wouldn’t even find at your home some of the time. While some technological achievements in vehicles are great, some are even better. Which ones are people going crazy over? 

1.     Active Park Assist

You don’t even need to park your own car anymore? How awesome is that? This technology has been around for a few years now, but it is now more refined and more reliable than ever before. In newer vehicles, you can now select the size of the area that you’re attempting to park in, and your vehicle will adapt its procedure based on the dimensions of the area. So even if you find yourself in the very likely situation where parking is literally impossible, your car will tell you that you can’t park there, look elsewhere. Pretty neat.

2.     Panorama Cameras

Lots of people have backup cameras, but this one allows you to see what’s behind with a 180 degree range. Before, you only saw a limited range using the camera, but you can now see anything behind you. This could be especially useful for families with children or lots of pets, because you’ll never have to worry about accidents again.

3.     Active Cornering Headlight System

Straight-shooting headlights are old school. The new thing is actually being able to see what’s around the corner on a dark, winding road. The swivel headlamps allow you to adjust the direction of light, but they automatically adjust using computerized data based on speed and steering direction. What increases its desire is the fact that they’re relatively cheap, making them a very affordable option to include on newer vehicles.

4.     Keyless Entry

A lot of new cars are starting to feature this system, which makes many salivate at the thought of just walking up to your car and opening the door without having to do anything at all. The system uses a proximity sensor that interacts with the car. If you’re a certain number of feet away from the vehicle, it will stay locked. But once you approach the vehicle and enter the appropriate range so the vehicle can detect the special key, it’ll unlock. Also an affordable feature, people may eventually forget that you once had to unlock your doors using your hands! NY Mazda dealers are now starting to make this a popular feature for their models.

5.      Heated and Cooling Seats

This option has been around for awhile, but it they’re just starting to become a “must have” when buying new vehicles.

Using small pinholes to emit heat or cold, these seats allow passengers and drivers to sit comfortably no matter what the temperature is like outside, and they also work quickly, too. Nobody likes waiting for the car to warm up before getting proper air conditioning and heating anyway. I know I hate it!

These new car technologies really make drivers safer and more comfortable. And what really adds to their desire are the affordable price tags that come along with them. If you’re thinking about purchasing a new vehicle, these options definitely deserve a look.

Joe Petchonka has been a writer for over five years, and has written for newspapers, websites and automotive dealerships. In addition to having an extensive writing background and bachelor’s degree in English, he has helped companies develop professional material to help them achieve their goals. He currently writes for Nexteppe, a company helping dealerships sell vehicles and more through the use of social media and web design.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Top 5 Reasons to Go Google

As the popularity of cloud computing services continues to rise and more information moves to the cloud, it becomes increasingly important to consider making a switch from your current legacy system.  While there are a number of cloud service providers and infinitely more reasons to migrate to the cloud, here are the top five reasons your business should go Google.

1: Familiarity + Ease = Authority

Google first launched Google Apps in 2006, but internet users have been taking advantage of Google’s email system, Gmail, for even longer.  Given the fact that most people are familiar with Gmail, they not only find Google Apps easy to operate, but also appreciate when their company makes the switch to Google Apps.  And even for those who aren’t familiar with Gmail, Google Apps is fairly intuitive and simple to operate.  Google offers platforms specifically tailored to businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations.  Google’s experience in the cloud computing industry, both personal and professional, along with its large customer base give Google Apps unmatched authority in the cloud.

2: Lower Costs, Fewer IT Needs

Because Google Apps is hosted 100% by Google, it runs without any additional hardware or software.  Additionally, Google automatically sends all system updates to its customers.  This significantly reduces IT needs, and in turn, IT expenses.  This cost-cutting measure aside, Google Apps sells for a price that fits your budget.  The Google Apps for Business platform runs at $50/user/year, with all other Google Apps platforms priced even lower.

3: Universal Access

Whether your employees are always on the go or are simply tired of having to remember to bring home a specific work computer at the end of each day, they are sure to appreciate the universal access of Google Apps.  Because Google Apps is hosted entirely in the web browser, users can access email and all information on their accounts from anywhere on any device.  This mobile access feature makes working outside the office easier than ever.

4: Collaboration Capabilities

Google Apps is unmatched in its collaboration capabilities.  Thanks to features like Google Docs, Google Sites, and Google Groups, Google has taken working with others to an entirely new level.  On Google Docs users can create files such as word documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, and then share these files with others.  Those who have access to a specific Google Doc can work on it simultaneously from any location, add comments, and track revision history.  Tools like Google Sites and Google Groups make working with groups of people simple, as they provide group members with a central location to upload files, tasks, and calendars as well as a place to communicate with everyone in the group at once.

5: Proven Security and Reliability

Even though Google Apps is hosted remotely and has high collaboration capabilities, you have no need to be concerned about the security of any information stored in Google Apps accounts.  Google Apps is verified in third-party SAS70 Type II audit, which guarantees all users complete security for their information.  Google Apps users can also stop worrying about losing valuable time due to system failures, as Google guarantees 99.9% uptime for all Google Apps platforms.

Going Google

So now that you’ve made the decision to go Google, how do you execute this plan?  Google sells the Google Apps suite to customers, but authorized Google Apps resellers can offer the same products at the same price as well as increased training for employees, more personalized support, and a custom migration to Google Apps.

Bio: This blog post is brought to you by Cloud Sherpas. Cloud Sherpas is a leading Google Apps, cloud service provider. As a Google Apps Authorized Reseller and Google Enterprise partner, we have migrated over one million users across all major industries from legacy, on-premise messaging systems to Google Apps, helping organizations adopt cloud computing to innovate and dramatically reduce their IT expenses. Get to know our company by checking out our Facebook page at

Friday, 14 October 2011

5 Spy Gadgets To Make James Bond Jealous

 Most blokes do enjoy the spy movies, particularly films such as James Bond. Bond films usually revolve around fast cars, the women, the baddies, and of course, the spy gadgets. The thing is, you can easily buy spy gadgets yourself if you look around. Although you won't quite find watches with hidden laser beams, nor cars with rocket launchers, you can find some really nifty spy toys.

1. World's Smallest Wifi Spy Camera

If you want a spy camera for hiding yourself, the world's smallest wifi spy camera is perfect. The camera works from a battery, and automatically connects to your normal Wifi network. This means you have pretty much infinite transmitting range from the camera. If you hooked the camera up to a power source, then you'll have a remote video bug for as long as you need it. James Bond doesn't do surveillance, but if he did, he'd probably use this wifi spy camera.

2. Spy Camera hidden in a Key Fob

Whatever car Mr Bond might have, be it an Aston Martin or a BMW, he's going to have car keys. So this key fob would be perfect for covert video surveillance. When you leave your car, you'll be holding your keys. Nobody will notice if you've got your keys on a table or desk, would they? That makes it very easy to record conversations or people, ready for using as evidence later.

3. Spy Camera Sun Glasses

Spying happens outdoors too, so the spy camera hidden in these sunglasses would be perfect for alfresco-based surveillance. How many times have we seen James Bond on a beach? I bet he'd love to grab footage of the Bond girl on the beach with these beauties. Not strictly spying for Queen and country, but hey James loves the ladies!

4. Spy Camera hidden in a watch

This spy camera really does feel like something from the movies. In the face of the camera is a tiny little lens, which is actually a spy camera! The camera records footage to an internal memory card, which can then be extracted on to a computer. I wonder if MI6 really use this kind of technology? They probably have a super-advanced version of their own!

5. Credit-card sized Lock Picks

We've got to the bad guy's lair, only to discover that he's left the front door locked. Shame, he doesn't want visitors. Thank goodness for Bond's credit card lock picks! Easily kept within the wallet, all he needs to do is whip these out, and he's gained entry within a few seconds. Of course, James Bond often gets caught too, so he could use the lock picks to unlock his handcuffs! Then he kills the baddie and saves the day.

There you go. 5 real spy gadgets if you fancy beating Mr Bond at his own game.

Dan Harrison is a security specialist who writes about really cool spy gadgets. Find out more about spy cameras by reading about Dan's article on hidden spy cameras in clocks, and tricks for hiding a spy camera in an office.

Buy Nokia C2-05 and Nokia X2-05 only for 50 Euros and Socialize

Nokia X2-05 and Nokia C2-05 are two low end mobile phones of Nokia which have become official by Nokia. Both handsets are categorized in entry level mobile phones list. However, there is no need to underestimate these two new mobile phones of Nokia as they will allow you to use Facebook and Twitter on them. 

The price of Nokia C2-05 is 50 Euros while that of Nokia X2-05 is 46 Euros so it simply means that by spending a few pounds you will be able to update your Twitter and Facebook account directly from this handset. I must say it is a cost effective promotion option for a blogger and webmaster.Nokia C2-05 has a small screen as compared with Nokia X2-05 i.e. 2.0 inch display offering a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. Other features of it are exactly same as you find in X2-05 such as a VGA camera, FM radio, Bluetooth, microSD slot card and support to dual band GSM . However, the speakers of it are not similar with that of Nokia X2-05.It is reported that there will be two variants of this Nokia mobile phone one is for Europe/Asia market which will support 900/1800 MHz and second will be designed for USA/ Australia market which will support an 850/1900 MHz.

Nokia X2-05 is featured with a 2.2 inch VGA display which is not too small to use your social account for. This handset is combined with incredible speakers that can output “106 phon”  worth of sound and it is another feature which can push a music lover to buy it. It hasn’t Wi-Fi connectivity option but still there is Bluetooth connectivity for your assistance. This Nokia handset provides support to dual band GSM .other features of it include an FM radio, VGA camera and a microSD slot card.