Friday, 14 October 2011

5 Spy Gadgets To Make James Bond Jealous

 Most blokes do enjoy the spy movies, particularly films such as James Bond. Bond films usually revolve around fast cars, the women, the baddies, and of course, the spy gadgets. The thing is, you can easily buy spy gadgets yourself if you look around. Although you won't quite find watches with hidden laser beams, nor cars with rocket launchers, you can find some really nifty spy toys.

1. World's Smallest Wifi Spy Camera

If you want a spy camera for hiding yourself, the world's smallest wifi spy camera is perfect. The camera works from a battery, and automatically connects to your normal Wifi network. This means you have pretty much infinite transmitting range from the camera. If you hooked the camera up to a power source, then you'll have a remote video bug for as long as you need it. James Bond doesn't do surveillance, but if he did, he'd probably use this wifi spy camera.

2. Spy Camera hidden in a Key Fob

Whatever car Mr Bond might have, be it an Aston Martin or a BMW, he's going to have car keys. So this key fob would be perfect for covert video surveillance. When you leave your car, you'll be holding your keys. Nobody will notice if you've got your keys on a table or desk, would they? That makes it very easy to record conversations or people, ready for using as evidence later.

3. Spy Camera Sun Glasses

Spying happens outdoors too, so the spy camera hidden in these sunglasses would be perfect for alfresco-based surveillance. How many times have we seen James Bond on a beach? I bet he'd love to grab footage of the Bond girl on the beach with these beauties. Not strictly spying for Queen and country, but hey James loves the ladies!

4. Spy Camera hidden in a watch

This spy camera really does feel like something from the movies. In the face of the camera is a tiny little lens, which is actually a spy camera! The camera records footage to an internal memory card, which can then be extracted on to a computer. I wonder if MI6 really use this kind of technology? They probably have a super-advanced version of their own!

5. Credit-card sized Lock Picks

We've got to the bad guy's lair, only to discover that he's left the front door locked. Shame, he doesn't want visitors. Thank goodness for Bond's credit card lock picks! Easily kept within the wallet, all he needs to do is whip these out, and he's gained entry within a few seconds. Of course, James Bond often gets caught too, so he could use the lock picks to unlock his handcuffs! Then he kills the baddie and saves the day.

There you go. 5 real spy gadgets if you fancy beating Mr Bond at his own game.

Dan Harrison is a security specialist who writes about really cool spy gadgets. Find out more about spy cameras by reading about Dan's article on hidden spy cameras in clocks, and tricks for hiding a spy camera in an office.

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