Friday, 14 October 2011

Buy Nokia C2-05 and Nokia X2-05 only for 50 Euros and Socialize

Nokia X2-05 and Nokia C2-05 are two low end mobile phones of Nokia which have become official by Nokia. Both handsets are categorized in entry level mobile phones list. However, there is no need to underestimate these two new mobile phones of Nokia as they will allow you to use Facebook and Twitter on them. 

The price of Nokia C2-05 is 50 Euros while that of Nokia X2-05 is 46 Euros so it simply means that by spending a few pounds you will be able to update your Twitter and Facebook account directly from this handset. I must say it is a cost effective promotion option for a blogger and webmaster.Nokia C2-05 has a small screen as compared with Nokia X2-05 i.e. 2.0 inch display offering a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. Other features of it are exactly same as you find in X2-05 such as a VGA camera, FM radio, Bluetooth, microSD slot card and support to dual band GSM . However, the speakers of it are not similar with that of Nokia X2-05.It is reported that there will be two variants of this Nokia mobile phone one is for Europe/Asia market which will support 900/1800 MHz and second will be designed for USA/ Australia market which will support an 850/1900 MHz.

Nokia X2-05 is featured with a 2.2 inch VGA display which is not too small to use your social account for. This handset is combined with incredible speakers that can output “106 phon”  worth of sound and it is another feature which can push a music lover to buy it. It hasn’t Wi-Fi connectivity option but still there is Bluetooth connectivity for your assistance. This Nokia handset provides support to dual band GSM .other features of it include an FM radio, VGA camera and a microSD slot card.

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