Monday, 31 October 2011

Kindle Wireless Reading Devices – The Future of Reading is Now

People who enjoy reading books and magazines are often found at the book stores, sure they can order books online and wait for them to arrive but there's something different when you stand in front of a huge book shelf at the store, holding the book in your hands and flipping pages, some kind of feeling you fall in-love into. But this is the old way of reading books and more and more people from all over the world are discovering each day the benefits of wireless reading devices, especially when it comes to the Kindle devices.

The most popular and sold Kindle device to date is the Kindle 3G which is a wireless reading device that changes the need for actual books and with this device my friends, the future of reading is here and now and everyone can start enjoying it, no wonder it's Amazon's best-selling product to date. Now before you press the back button thinking to yourself you don't need to buy Kindle devices and you're doing just fine with reading your books the old fashioned way, here are some features you may want to know about the reader because maybe then you just might change your mind like most people do.

All Your Books in a Single Reader
Look at the book shelf in your home, compare it to the huge book shelves at the store and now forget them both. All your reading material can now be stored in one small reading device and that's a fact. The Kindle 3G can store up to 3,500 actual books and magazines in it. 3,500!!! That's more than you have at home and more than enough to entertain you anywhere you are for a long period of time, but that's not all…

Get Any Book Any Time
The Kindle 3G comes with a Wi-Fi connection and a free 3G and that means you can also download any book you wish anywhere in the world and it only takes 60 seconds. Want a new book or a specific magazine? No problem, simply download at no matter what time it is, where you are at or if there's a book store near you since you don't need it anymore…read any book you want at the spot in 60 seconds.

No More Carrying Books
With up to 3,500 books and magazines with you at any given moment in a device that weights only 8.7 ounces the future is really here. No more carrying books because now you can have them all in one small, thin and very light device you won't even feel and that means you can take all the books you want to the beach, on a vacation and wherever you please.

These are only a few interesting features and benefits of the Kindle 3G reading device and if you think about it and know you can have any book you want any time, any place that's a huge advantage…right?
That's the future of reading my friends, it is here, it is now and soon there will be more Kindle devices like the Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire tablet, but the choice how you prefer to read these days is still and always will be yours to make. 

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