Monday, 24 October 2011

Top 5 Car Technologies that People Must Have

If it was 15 years ago and I told you that vehicles would have GPS navigation, cameras and sensors to avoid collision, you would have called me a nutcase. But here we are in the year 2011 with more than just that. We have many pieces of technology that you wouldn’t even find at your home some of the time. While some technological achievements in vehicles are great, some are even better. Which ones are people going crazy over? 

1.     Active Park Assist

You don’t even need to park your own car anymore? How awesome is that? This technology has been around for a few years now, but it is now more refined and more reliable than ever before. In newer vehicles, you can now select the size of the area that you’re attempting to park in, and your vehicle will adapt its procedure based on the dimensions of the area. So even if you find yourself in the very likely situation where parking is literally impossible, your car will tell you that you can’t park there, look elsewhere. Pretty neat.

2.     Panorama Cameras

Lots of people have backup cameras, but this one allows you to see what’s behind with a 180 degree range. Before, you only saw a limited range using the camera, but you can now see anything behind you. This could be especially useful for families with children or lots of pets, because you’ll never have to worry about accidents again.

3.     Active Cornering Headlight System

Straight-shooting headlights are old school. The new thing is actually being able to see what’s around the corner on a dark, winding road. The swivel headlamps allow you to adjust the direction of light, but they automatically adjust using computerized data based on speed and steering direction. What increases its desire is the fact that they’re relatively cheap, making them a very affordable option to include on newer vehicles.

4.     Keyless Entry

A lot of new cars are starting to feature this system, which makes many salivate at the thought of just walking up to your car and opening the door without having to do anything at all. The system uses a proximity sensor that interacts with the car. If you’re a certain number of feet away from the vehicle, it will stay locked. But once you approach the vehicle and enter the appropriate range so the vehicle can detect the special key, it’ll unlock. Also an affordable feature, people may eventually forget that you once had to unlock your doors using your hands! NY Mazda dealers are now starting to make this a popular feature for their models.

5.      Heated and Cooling Seats

This option has been around for awhile, but it they’re just starting to become a “must have” when buying new vehicles.

Using small pinholes to emit heat or cold, these seats allow passengers and drivers to sit comfortably no matter what the temperature is like outside, and they also work quickly, too. Nobody likes waiting for the car to warm up before getting proper air conditioning and heating anyway. I know I hate it!

These new car technologies really make drivers safer and more comfortable. And what really adds to their desire are the affordable price tags that come along with them. If you’re thinking about purchasing a new vehicle, these options definitely deserve a look.

Joe Petchonka has been a writer for over five years, and has written for newspapers, websites and automotive dealerships. In addition to having an extensive writing background and bachelor’s degree in English, he has helped companies develop professional material to help them achieve their goals. He currently writes for Nexteppe, a company helping dealerships sell vehicles and more through the use of social media and web design.

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