Thursday, 20 October 2011

Top 5 Reasons to Go Google

As the popularity of cloud computing services continues to rise and more information moves to the cloud, it becomes increasingly important to consider making a switch from your current legacy system.  While there are a number of cloud service providers and infinitely more reasons to migrate to the cloud, here are the top five reasons your business should go Google.

1: Familiarity + Ease = Authority

Google first launched Google Apps in 2006, but internet users have been taking advantage of Google’s email system, Gmail, for even longer.  Given the fact that most people are familiar with Gmail, they not only find Google Apps easy to operate, but also appreciate when their company makes the switch to Google Apps.  And even for those who aren’t familiar with Gmail, Google Apps is fairly intuitive and simple to operate.  Google offers platforms specifically tailored to businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations.  Google’s experience in the cloud computing industry, both personal and professional, along with its large customer base give Google Apps unmatched authority in the cloud.

2: Lower Costs, Fewer IT Needs

Because Google Apps is hosted 100% by Google, it runs without any additional hardware or software.  Additionally, Google automatically sends all system updates to its customers.  This significantly reduces IT needs, and in turn, IT expenses.  This cost-cutting measure aside, Google Apps sells for a price that fits your budget.  The Google Apps for Business platform runs at $50/user/year, with all other Google Apps platforms priced even lower.

3: Universal Access

Whether your employees are always on the go or are simply tired of having to remember to bring home a specific work computer at the end of each day, they are sure to appreciate the universal access of Google Apps.  Because Google Apps is hosted entirely in the web browser, users can access email and all information on their accounts from anywhere on any device.  This mobile access feature makes working outside the office easier than ever.

4: Collaboration Capabilities

Google Apps is unmatched in its collaboration capabilities.  Thanks to features like Google Docs, Google Sites, and Google Groups, Google has taken working with others to an entirely new level.  On Google Docs users can create files such as word documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, and then share these files with others.  Those who have access to a specific Google Doc can work on it simultaneously from any location, add comments, and track revision history.  Tools like Google Sites and Google Groups make working with groups of people simple, as they provide group members with a central location to upload files, tasks, and calendars as well as a place to communicate with everyone in the group at once.

5: Proven Security and Reliability

Even though Google Apps is hosted remotely and has high collaboration capabilities, you have no need to be concerned about the security of any information stored in Google Apps accounts.  Google Apps is verified in third-party SAS70 Type II audit, which guarantees all users complete security for their information.  Google Apps users can also stop worrying about losing valuable time due to system failures, as Google guarantees 99.9% uptime for all Google Apps platforms.

Going Google

So now that you’ve made the decision to go Google, how do you execute this plan?  Google sells the Google Apps suite to customers, but authorized Google Apps resellers can offer the same products at the same price as well as increased training for employees, more personalized support, and a custom migration to Google Apps.

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