Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Your Connected World, From Home to Car to Office

Technology. There is so much of it for every aspect of our lives. Endless possibilities. Thousands of choices. And yet, there are so many areas that haven’t even been touched with so much more to be expanded. From that new phone in your pocket to the new gadget in your living room and across to the technology in the car you drive, you are given so many options to add the latest to your connected world.

Gadgets. Oh yes, gadgets. Little devices of technology that make up most people’s lives. Smartphones, portable music players, internet-connectable tablets, portable gaming devices. We love gadgets.

Most may agree that the most popular devices out there start with the letter ‘i’. How many of your friends or family members have an iPhone, an iPad, or an iPod (of any variety)? How many have one of each? How many do you have? Again, we love gadgets. The technology of the ‘i’ has given us a much wider range of connectivity that we may not have had before.

Email. Movies. Business. Banking. Directions. Books. Travel. Social. More. And more.
All on one device. Just one. No need to go from one device to another. You don’t need that phone for calls, that laptop for internet, that travel agent for booking or that theater for the latest movies. Find it all at the click of a button. What’s more, these devices not only connect you to your own world, but connect to each other. Your office is a click away. Your family one video call away.

Portability is key when most of us are on the go. Always. Do we sleep? Maybe if we have time. That means portability and connectivity are the two most important commodities on the gadget market today. But your portable devices aren’t the only way to stay connected. Even vehicles are keeping you connected nowadays. Let’s take the Nissan Leaf for example. Now, aside from the amazing zero-transmissions-no-tailpipe-as-high-as-100-miles-per-gallon-and-all-under-$30,000-after-the-federal-tax-credit Leaf technology, it’s also what is stocked in the Leaf that has shoppers who normally look for used Nissan NY vehicles thinking about buying a brand-new Nissan instead.

HomeLink is a wireless control system that is built into the Leaf that connects you to tasks like opening the garage door or estate/community gates; unlocking entry doors at home; lighting the home and office; and all from the comfort of your Leaf BEFORE you get out.

Never mind other features like a Bluetooth hands-free phone system, a navigation system or Nissan’s CARWING that connects the LEAF to its charging condition and other statuses.

So, how are you connected? Does your phone talk to you? Does your car deliver options that have yet to be seen before? Can your living room rival the local movie theater? Whatever you have, want or are
getting, technology is in everything we do. Our connected world is made simpler as we add more and more to our lives.

What’s next a flying car? Maybe not. But GM is working on a self-driving car…but that’s another story.

Author BioMiscelleana Rhinehart has been writing for more than four years with her experience hitting a wide range of topics. Ms. Rhinehart has written for newspapers such as the Long Beach Business Journal, magazines such as the Destinations Magazine and the Ultimate Athlete Magazine, and automotive blog sites such as MI Auto Times and the Atlantic Toyota and Huntington Blog. Holding a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and two minors in Business, Ms. Rhinehart enjoys writing about any subject, topic or information. Currently, she writes for Nexteppe, a marketing and SEO company helping dealerships sell through the use of social media and web design.

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