Friday, 30 March 2012

Choosing an antivirus software

Love it or hate it, it’s an accepted truism that you need internet security installed on your pc. In fact, you need it installed on all devices that you own that connect to the internet. If you don’t have it, you leave your data and information that you have stored on these devices open to attack from viruses and Trojans that hackers spend their time creating to do just that.

So, how do you choose the right antivirus software? There are lots of different companies out there offering more or less the same products. If you go to your nearest Currys store, all the sales people will be recommending Norton 360. While I think Norton 360 has bundled within it, virus fighting protection, it's far from the best option. It’s a question of deciding which one works best for you. Fortunately there are lots of free downloads available so that you can trial different versions. For example, you can get Kaspersky free antivirus versions across the range of products that the company sells and AVG is another strong, free option.

When deciding which antivirus software to buy, look online at the different packages available or go into a computer store for some advice but be careful because most stores will push Norton 360 on you because of the high profit margins they get on it.. Be aware that everyone has their own opinion, so you may not get a completely objective view from other people, but you can also ask colleagues and friends and see if you get any kind of majority view.

Using a trial version will allow you to see how the antivirus software works on the system you have. Some people find that certain antivirus programmes can slow their systems down – at least by trialling a package, you’ll find out whether this is the case or not.

As well as your computers, it’s important to get your mobile devices protected too. The Kaspersky mobile antivirus software is available on a seven day free trial and is suitable for android phones and Blackberries.
The most important thing to do is to get some kind of antivirus software installed immediately. If you find you’re not happy with it, you can always change it when it’s up for renewal or the trial period is over.