Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Google’s Project Glass

Google has been working on some very interesting projects like the self driving car. But the one that has made the world sit up and take notice is the Google’s Project nicknamed Glass. If you have been looking through the trending topics in the last month you would already know about this amazing device.

What is Google Glass?

It is an augmented reality head-mounted display. Augmented reality is a view of the real world with a layer of computer generated images. This enhances your perception of reality. If it sounds complicated, remember the scene from Terminator where Arnold’s character the T-800 scans his environment and he is able to see additional information of each and every element in that environment, this is augmented reality. Google is making glasses which can perform similar functions in a head mounted device. There have been many prototypes of such technology in the past some of which is actively used in the defence sector but Google has managed to make it smaller and slimmer than anything else that we have seen till date.
Google has promised to release this amazing technology to the public around the same cost as a current Smartphone.

Purpose of Google Glass

* Google Glass will provide hands-free display of information that is available on the Smartphone.
* Accessing the internet through voice commands.
* Full integration with your Android phone which will allow you to send messages make calls including video conferencing and take pictures without using your hands.
* It will also act as an advanced augmented reality device helping the wearer with direction and other augmented reality experiences.

The prototype has already received positive response when it was worn by Sergey Brin co-founder of Google at an event in San Francisco. Google has also released an incredible 2.5 minutes video from the perspective of the person wearing these glasses. He is shown wearing these glasses and going about his daily life in New York City while the glasses adds another dimension to his life. One can speculate that this is not Google’s forte but Larry Page has defended his decision saying that Google is committed to bring about change in the world. Google is still tweaking this technology and hopefully by the end of this year we can experience Google’s Glass.

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